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Searching for your soulmate on the Internet, you risk being swindled by people who create fake accounts in order to get money and presents from trustful men. Nowadays, it has become a common thing on many dating sites. Still, our platform managed to develop a system that prevents fraud attempts.


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     Nick.igorev 15th of Oct, 2018 will impress everybody with a variability of ladies. They are s active and quickly answer all my messages. Moreover, a friendly atmosphere on the site is also a great advantage

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      RoboCop5479 16th of Sep, 2018

    This woman is registered on multiple sites. She has accounts on RussianDesire, Find-Bride, UkrainianDiamonds, HotRussianBrides, Romancecompass and probably a few others that we don't know about. She is a professional dater - pro scammer. They are only trying to make money for themselves. All these sites are scams! Save your money. Find bride her handle is SvetiLana id number 16866. She is a scammer of the worst degree. Her real name is Svetlana Stolyarova or Svitlana Stoliarova. She works for Orchid Agency in Odessa, Ukraine. She is a brilliant scammer. Don't fall for it! She only wants your money! Run!

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      Birdie55 19th of Feb, 2018

    Well in reading these I have had a bad taste in my mouth now with this. I was on the site for two years. Well I ended me being there on the site as I found out like some of you have. Some are married, some were there working for the site. And then I met a lady and long story short, all she wanted was money! I bought her a couple of gifts and then turned to money and said I am not going to do that! Well now we did talk in private and shared intimate photos. Guys do not do that because now I am fighting them on FB with them posting the photos!!! I ended my account on FB which is fine so be careful they will use it to bribe you. Watch our for a mother/daughter team, Dana and Nataliia from Dnipro! The mother is a [censor] and very vindictive. I wrote to the site and they are doing nothing. I will send them the threat she now has made and sending these photos to my family and friends. And the daughter is the one who sent me nude photos and videos so now it is to bribe a man! Not sure what I am going to do next but please watch out. And I read on another site the same lady I wrote to for a year, was writing to two other men, never wanted to share information, do chat or denied me coming to Lviv! Her name is Marina goes by Sweet Daisy. BE CAREFUL AND NOT GO THRU THE STRESS I AM!

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      212samarkand 26th of Jan, 2018

    I will try to be brief. First, I agree with the testimonials above about the dishonest practices of some women at Find-Bride. There are probably some women who have serious intentions on this site. But I do not have the chance to fall on them. Now I tell my sad personal story and my troubles. I started to correspond with a woman from Lviv (Ukraine) since November 2016, after receiving from her a dozen long letters. I sent her more 50 very sincere letters plus expensive gifts on different occasions. She never answered my questions and especially my proposal to visit her in Lviv... She always refused a video chat with me in order to check her real existence... She prefers direct chat without camera... She claims to be a restaurant owner, but she is connected to the site for 7 to 10 hours a day!! Where does she find time to manage her restaurant? Finally, I sent her a farewell letter a month ago, but she continues to write to me twice a week! This dirty adventure cost me nearly 3000 USD. It's not lost money that matters to me, but the precious time lost. To help all internet users, I warn against this woman whose here are a photos and some information about her. She calls herself MARINA alias "Sweet_Daisy", 30 years old ( born on the 24/12/1987), redhead, 170 cm, 55K. Best regards, Adam in Paris / France

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      Ifeanyi Jay 5th of Sep, 2017

    Hi AM John and am a guy of 34yrs, i need a solu mate someon i Will Call my Wife thank You and here is my email [email protected]

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     Ross_bro 11th of Aug, 2017

    Find-bride is cool dating website, I haven’t found my future bride yet, though I’ve met lots of ladies who are really pretty and funny and rather supportive… So, I still hope to find long-term relations on this platform.

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     Tom45 11th of Aug, 2017

    Site delivered for me! I dated perhaps many beautiful women, mostly from Russia and, yes, you will find a few golddiggers but overall, mostly charming women.

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     Tom45 11th of Aug, 2017

    If you wanna chat with real people you should use this site, people are friendly and well lets be honest there are many beautiful people there, which is great!

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     Tom45 11th of Aug, 2017

    Through this site, I have met a lady with whom I'm now dating. I wish those searching, good luck in finding someone special.

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     Tom45 15th of Oct, 2018

    Site worked great for me, I found my soul mate and it was a connection at first site. We both feel the same and have continued our relationship and I am the happiest I have ever been

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     Randy_best 29th of Jul, 2017

    I worried before the registration on because I’ve read here lots of about scammer on the dating websites. And several days I was really attentive when chatting and paid the smallest possible sum needed for the getting membership which I want to have. And at the end of the day I can say that this site is rather usual when some girls are real, though mostly I am not disappointed. I found really good friend on the website and still planning to find my future bride.

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     The RealTruth! 28th of Jul, 2017 will impress everybody with a variability of ladies. They are s active and quickly answer all my messages. Moreover, a friendly atmosphere on the site is also a great advantageThey got me for $180! I was actively writing 3 women. All three were reluctant to give me their personal emails (through the site) after we had written each other several times. They all said they thought that was getting "too serious!" If they don't want to give you a simple email address, they sure as hell don't want to pursue any kind of relationship! The cost of asking for their personal info through the site is $70. These are women that contacted me first by the way! Also, I am 63 years old and I was getting dozens of scripted letters everyday from women from all age groups. They obviously have a program where they can insert your name into their letters to "personalize" it! The girls that I wrote were responsive to my questions in the letters I sent them, but at the end of the day they were just stringing me along to keep me engaged in writing letters. I'm curious as to what their "commission" is on each letter they receive. The other obvious sign that they were scammers is that when I went on line to delete the countless messages I received daily, the girls that I was writing always seemed to be on line as well! The difference is that I was on line to delete messages, and they were on line finding other men to scam! The comical thing is that after I stopped writing them, the same ladies kept sending me their scripted letters again. They evidently have different letters for different situations. In my case, the letters were like "I miss you SOO much my dear!" and other obvious [censor] that insults your intelligence! STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE!!

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     IamKlaus 27th of Jul, 2017

    I met my wife on your site in 2014...3 years ago...what started out as friendship developed into love. She was not a super beauty when compared with the rest. But for me it is the best. For those who say that the site only play games and scammers. Look at the world really. Choose those who are close to you in spirit and who want to find a serious relationship and not super-models. Unless you are certainly a millionaire and handsome. I wish everyone happiness

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     Richarry 26th of Jul, 2017

    I have read negative comments about site Find-Bride but I can say that it isn’t so bad. I know that they check the women before they register on the site and check their documents, so there was no mark of marriage. Women on the site are real. I saw their on the Camera and chat with them. Of course everyone has their own preferences and what one likes is not like the other. I have joined to some of dating sites before but I wasn’t very luck when a friend told about this one to me. I joined find-bride and asked their customer support for some question. And they help me pretty quickly. I agree that site isn’t perfect. I would like to have cheaper prices for video chat. Because I can see the woman and chat with her with the video chat, its useful for me. Also note, if you want to check some woman, ask her to raise her hand or to do something else. So you will see that this is she and she communicates with you. I wish good luck in the search for the bride

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     Averoes 1st of Jun, 2017

    Despite the fact that some photos of me were not accepted by moderators, in general, I am satisfied with the work of this site. At least, I have found what I had been looking for so long.

  • Ad
     Adam 987 28th of Mar, 2017

    TOTAL SCAM women will WORK for money talk so dirty to men and ask for gifts woman are married and have boyfriends and Administration of the site do not care about the male members they only want to take money from male members

  • Br
     brian501 16th of Jul, 2016 16th of Jul, 2016

    I have been on the Find Bride site for over 6 months, I have noticed that most letters i receive are not personal to me, i always make a point when sending a girl a letter to ask many questions, and they very rarely get answered in their reply to me, a girls letters are sent to hundreds of men, my best friend who is also on this site, was receiving the same letters and photos as I was. Some girls are genuine of course, the ones I avoid, are the ones who are on cam wearing very little clothes, showing their breasts in skimpy outfits, this type of girl is not looking for a serious relationship, she is just looking to engage a man in conversation, and she will dance for him also, making money for the agency, she will get paid for being at a local agency, it is like a job for these girls, some are there every morning of the week, even Saturdays Stay away from two girls in particular, they are both called Valeriya, their nicknames on the site are Tasty For You and Wild Wood, they are serial daters, they have no interested in a serious relationship, they are just on the site to make money for themselves.

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     watch out for scams 14th of Jun, 2016

    There are automatically generated emails that have the name field embedded in then. These are sent out at times that are on the exact hour or the exact half hour, so are easily identifiable. There are also real letters from real ladies. Stay away from a 19 year old from Cherkasy with a nickname of "Pleasure-Mari" whose name is Maria. She is a professional dater, wil tell you you are her only but then she is online 2-4 hours a day. Good conversation skills, so if you are looking for a pen pal, she is a good choice, however if you are looking for a real away from thisone

  • Ma
     Markdavid 30th of Dec, 2015

    Find-bride is all a scam and an expensive form of entertainment only. I had a profile and talked to many woman and most just wanted to waste your time in chat without actually getting to know each other. Had issues with poor billing practices by multiple billing for the same time period even though you can only talk to one woman at a time they will bill you if you had chattted or said hi to anyone else and not closed the window. Many email received at the same time and if you look at the time stamp they are mostly on the hour or half hour. Not in real time. System generated by fake profiles and administrators. I had even changed my name in my profile and guess what. Even the old emails I had recieved from woman all of a sudden had the new name in them. How could that be if not a system generated email. Certainly not written by a real woman or an email already received could bot have the name changed in it now could it. So I would suggest everyone stay away from this fraudulant site and stick to local ladies.

  • Ki
     Kirk Hollen 15th of Dec, 2015

    Find Bride got $250 from me to buy credits that disappeared almost immediately. My credit card had a fraudulent charge almost immediately as well. The webcam time costs money/credits. Absolute scam with formulaic spam in your inbox daily. They will string you along and you will never meet in person.

  • Da
     DavidBrunner 22nd of Sep, 2015

    All positive reviews of the site are fake. The positive reviews of the site comes from the owners of find-bride and the people who work for the scam local agencies in Ukraine. This site is as bad as it gets. Most of the dating sites for Ukrainian/Russian women are fakes. This is is typical but a bit worse than most. At least Anastasiadate has a few honest women. But I think that find-bride has the incredible honor of not having a single woman on the site that is actually available. Most of the women are married, Some has boyfriends. A few might be free, but they definitely are not looking for a foreigner. So I will attack some pictures of women at the site. The liars who are posting fake positive reviews don't have much to say about these women. Ruslana here is at the site. As you can see, I have posted her find-bride profile and her mafia boyfriend. Find-bride is a bit worse, as I said, than most other crap sites. But they all do the same thing. They lie. They pay the women to post profiles. Find-bride does not even have an honest video chat. They use a video loop of the girl while you talk to a translator who could be a man. The letters are fake, the chats are fake. Even the gifts are fake. They just take your money and have the girl pose with a prop. I am David Brunner, the Stupid American. If you want the truth, search for me on the internet. I can show you the good honest sites. Stop using filth like this. It will only lead to misery.

  • Mi
     Mikery 14th of Sep, 2015

    I met my wife on your site in 2011...4 years ago...what started out as friendship developed into love.We have recently been married in June 2015. I would like to say thank you to you for giving me the opportunity to meet and start a brand new life with this amazing person. Dreams do come true thanks to you.

  • Jp
     J_P_C 23rd of Jul, 2015

    I found dozens of the ladies that are listed on the find-bride site on another social web site. The response I received from each lady that I messaged was a blocked profile, except two, one of which told me she has nothing to do with that site. She told me to complain. The other one, off-site, told me she is married, happily, yet she continues daily appearances on find-bride. Her photos are attached. On several occasions, ladies must have forgotten to remove their wedding rings (bands) as they are visible in their photos.

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     CatchMeeIfUCan 17th of May, 2015

    Working in marriage agency is a job for these girls, they get paid for gifts, videos and received letters