Scam Protection System You Can Trust

Searching for your soulmate on the Internet, you risk being swindled by people who create fake accounts in order to get money and presents from trustful men. Nowadays, it has become a common thing on many dating sites. Still, our platform managed to develop a system that prevents fraud attempts.

One more chance for a divorced guy!

I was married for nine years with my Jane whom I met at a rather young age and at the very beginning of our relation, everything was just perfect. However, with time I understood that she wasn’t interested in the development of the relations any more. This woman was ideal for me but in fact, she was like an image in my desires and nothing more.

For rather long period of time, I tried to assure myself that she was my type. When I understood how I was wrong, it was the biggest disappointment of my entire life. I couldn’t understand what should I do and what should be my next steps in the relations. After lots of discussions and quarrels, we decided to divorce.

Nevertheless, such a step didn’t bring a happiness in my life. It impacted just on the contrary, it created a huge gulf in my life. For a year or so, I was in a depression with harmful thoughts. And only registration on findbride has pushed me to something meaningful.

The story of my registration happened in rather a funny way. A close friend of mine, signed up my account on findbride, he added several cool photos and filled in my profile. When he started chatted with women and noticed their positive reaction, he sent me my login and password.

At first, I was so angry because he did everything without my permission, but then I understood that it was done for the better. I forgot about my depression and became involved into online chatting with pretty Slavic women. It was rather new experience for me and I enjoyed it greatly.

So many girls wanted my attention, most of them searched for serious relations. I was surrounded by such beauty and support that I had never had in my entire life. Despite, such a huge variability of girls I found only one woman who drew my attention. Our story started as my standard acquaintance on a dating website with several funny messages, but it developed into meaningful understanding of each other’s’ feelings.

I can share our story of acquaintance and online stage endlessly, but what for. Every person has his/her stages and they can be so different that you cannot compare them. I decided to share this experience, only because there are so many people that are in depression right now. I’ve been in that state and the only recommendation I can give to you is to do something. Even if you don’t see any results, you should try to do something in any way. One day, you will notice that your life is totally changed with all your small steps.

When returning to my love story, right now we live together and plan our wedding ceremony. We don’t want anything huge, just close relatives will be invited.