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Searching for your soulmate on the Internet, you risk being swindled by people who create fake accounts in order to get money and presents from trustful men. Nowadays, it has become a common thing on many dating sites. Still, our platform managed to develop a system that prevents fraud attempts.

Findbridescam and our story of online dating

To begin with, I believe that family happiness shouldn’t be shared and discussed. Couple and family plans need silence. You will ask: why then he decided to write this story? There is one evident reason for this - I want to share my love story only because of my own shyness and the shyness of lots of men out there. Your happiness depends only on your personal choice and life priorities. Act and you will find your love, I am not agitating for the dating planforms, but any variant is good especially if it works for you. Online dating became the right option for me and that is it.

Personally, I didn’t have any strong desires to build long-term relations. I wanted romantic relations with a pretty lady and I got it.

A friend of mine had advised findbridescam and I registered there. All these dating websites are making our lives easier and more comfortable. You don’t need to search for a perfect girl any more, just fill in you criteria in the search field and you will find her in a minute. You may say, it is not about love; but in real life we also choose a partner judging on some criteria, though it is way longer than online.

I searched for romantic but serious relations, such as my parents had. So, one day I found such a pretty girl that I even hesitated to contact her. Different thoughts were in my mind: maybe I am not her type, she deserves better man and much more. Despite all these strange ideas, I sent her a letter and she didn’t reply. I was not even disappointed, because my thoughts had just proved.

I forgot about Inga and continued my search process. What a shock it was when one day she replied and we got acquainted.

This period of our virtual chats, future plans and romantic messages started. I was the happiest man in the world and didn’t want to ruin everything with only one incorrect word. We became so close and real online friendship was even more than just a friendship.

It was not such a perfect story as every couple we had some misunderstandings and quarrels. Also, we couldn’t agree on our real date, because of the working schedules. We were discussing the nearest date but all in vain. That’s why we need to wait a little bit and stay calm. Luckily, Inga understands this situation. It will be a secret to her, but I have already bought a plane ticket and booked a hotel for my arrival. So, in a month we will meet each other at last. If everything go just perfect, I have one more surprise for her, which I am not going to share here.

To cut a long story short, I consider online acquaintance as the best possible variant for those people who are extremely busy at work. There is such a huge statistic of online acquaintance, lots of couples are happily married and have kids. So, why not to try this variant, maybe it isn’t for all of the users but most people will get something important after it. I can assure you in this.

Oh, and I forget to say that I am sincerely thankful to the team of site’s experts for all their assistance and help. Without you guys, I will not find my Inga. You know what I am talking about)