Scam Protection System You Can Trust

Searching for your soulmate on the Internet, you risk being swindled by people who create fake accounts in order to get money and presents from trustful men. Nowadays, it has become a common thing on many dating sites. Still, our platform managed to develop a system that prevents fraud attempts.

My unreal love story

Have you ever experienced such a feeling when a person deeply penetrates in your heart? If yes, you can understand what feelings I have for my girlfriend. You cannot even correctly describe such a thing, and I haven’t felt this before.

The whole story started with my registration on, I used it for several months without even contacting anybody. I reviewed profiles, watched some intro videos and hesitated to use this resource or not to. Lera wrote me one day and everything changed. We were like two teenagers, though we both are rather mature people. All these constant chats, calls, photos and romantic messages, we just dove into these emotions like for the first time. Always wanted to chat longer, to spend more time together. Everything went so perfectly and unpredictable for us.

Frankly speaking, when we began discussing our real date, I felt so uncomfortable. I thought that everything is almost ideal, and maybe a real meeting will ruin this picture of happiness. That’s why, I found lots of excuses not to fly to Ukraine. Of course, she understood everything and we discussed this situation.

I knew that online relationship, maybe ruined just by one real meeting. People try to look different in their online communication and sometimes one person can be totally the opposite to its online version. As for our story, at one point we quarreled so much because of this situation. Lera even told me that I was chatting with her only for fun and nothing serious was in my mind.

Despite of all my thoughts, this real date occurred. We were the happiest people in the whole world and everything went great. A romantic evening together and then 3 more dates in the same atmosphere of tenderness and relaxation. She was even better than I expected her to be.

After my arrival back home, we continued our relations and another trouble happened. It was rather difficult for both of us to go on building serious relations at a distance. It was so hard at some moments and we knew it would be hard.

We discussed different variant, which we had, and at last, we agreed on her arrival to my place. It was such a tough decision for her, but she left her job and moved to another country. That was the most appropriate decision for both of us. We had a fantastic wedding ceremony only for close relatives and now are talking about children.

As you see, only one registration has changed my life for the better. There were lots of misunderstanding and quarrels between us, but everything wasn’t as important as our real feeling and emotions. We followed this unknown pass of online dating and it worked for our situation. Of course, all cases are different, but if it worked for us, maybe it will help others as well. That’s why, I decided to share this story, to help other people and to show them the possibility which online dating offers everybody. Don’t waste such an opportunity, because you need this family happiness and sincere emotions!