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Our real date and unforgettable emotions

I decided to write this short personal story, because I had a strong desire to show that love is for everybody. It is probable to love somebody even being from different countries.

Let’s start from my love story with Marta, a pretty Ukrainian girl. We met each other online and it became possible only due to some life situations. Despite the fact that we got acquainted in the Internet, I had some hesitations according to the necessity of sharing my personal love story. I though, it would be unappropriated from my side to do such a thing. Though, I recollected all my troubles and hesitations while creating the account on findbridescam, how I read hundreds of comments and love stories and I came to the conclusion that my experience would be useful for others.

When I entered this website for the first time, I was so excited with the huge possibilities that I had. There were lots of beautiful women with serious intentions to find a reliable life partner. Moreover, they were so friendly and tactful to me. This whole experience was really pleasurable and I received so much in return. I would be delighted even if I didn’t meet my love there.

So, after a month of constant chats and video calls I met Marta. To be honest, she contacted me first. I asked how did she find me and why initiated our acquaintance, though I did not get a distinct answer. She just liked me and that was all. This interest from her side, made me more initiative in terms of our chats. For rather long time we discussed absolutely everything we wanted. The sincerity of our chats was on the highest possible level.

At some point, I made up my mind to initiate our real meeting and I flew to my beloved lady. She met me at the airport and we spent the best evening together. Then I should return back, because of my job.

After my arrival back home, everything became different for me, prior this I was just a lonely person in search of real relations. But after my date, I was not alone, Marta was my beloved, though still I sat at my table after work chatting with her. Something strange was in my mind, I wanted to be with this pretty woman and my life became even worth than before.

I shared these emotions with Marta, and she felt the same. So, I stopped hesitating and proposed her to live together at my place. She wasn’t ready for such a thing, but agreed.

Now we are living together for several months already. And frankly speaking, this is the best period of my entire life. At the moment, I am with my girlfriend who totally understands me and my desires. She wants the same and have the same plans and intentions.

Of course, we are real people and have some problems and misunderstanding as everybody else. Nevertheless, we are trying to be open and sincere in everything we are doing and talking about. So, don’t accept this story like an ideal example, I didn’t mention lots of misunderstanding which we had prior moving in. And it is okay to experience some quarrels. Especially, when you live with a person from totally different background, traditions and life experience.